Transfer ipod contents to computer

Recently my windows 7 laptop got corrupted due to virus and I had to reinstall the OS. I realized later that I lost the itunes database. Now if I connect the ipod touch to the laptop and it tells me that I cannot sync back from ipod to laptop, it always wants to sync from laptop to ipod only, there by it wants to erase everything on the ipod.

So I was searching on Google to find freeware that would dump my ipod contents. There were lot of programs that want to charge but I wasn’t sure if they would work. After some searching, I stumbled upon SharePod . I tried it and saved me the day. SharePod would backup my ipod contents to my pc. After all the contents are dumped, I connected the ipod touch to my pc and this would sync and erase my ipod touch. After that I was able to import all my songs into itunes.

As per the author of SharePod, it works for Ipod Touch and Iphones as well.

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  1. Ranga says:

    Sounds like a good tool. Let me try it!

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