T-Mobile International Roaming is awesome and a revolutionary change

One of the important aspects that you keep in mind during the international travel is trying to stay connected with your family and friends. I used to dread during my international travel.

And T-Mobile with their new found un-carrier behavior is revolutionary and simply awesome.

Recently I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T. T-Mobile has Simple Choice Plan and free International Roaming to 100 Countries with free Text Messages and free Data plan with 128kbps connection. You can buy high speed data for additional money.

Recently I traveled to Dominican Republic and the T-Mobile free international roaming worked perfectly right away after landing in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Incoming calls are 20 cents a minute and free Text messages and free data plan worked perfectly. The data plan was 128kbps and was good enough for whatsapp text messages. Regular Text messages was free and instant and was fast.


Chatting with Google Hangouts worked with out any issue with the 128kbps data connection.

Since we have international roaming, we have the same cell number working in Dominican Republic.

The cell signal never had any issue all along.

Before I headed out I did call T-Mobile Customer Service just to make sure that my Simple Choice Plan having free International Roaming works in Dominican Republic.

T-Mobile voice calls are only 20 cents a minute. Thats so cheap because, wait until you hear what AT&T Charges for calls while traveling international. Its $2.00 per minute. Its a bank breaker.

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2 Responses to T-Mobile International Roaming is awesome and a revolutionary change

  1. Jeorge says:

    Hi. Im traveling to Dominican Republic soon and will be calling tmbile for international data. Do you remember which network (wireless carrier) were you using in the Dominican Republic that provided the TMobile data. Did you phone still say connected to tmobile or something like a Dominican wireless carrier like Orange or Claro?

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    • admin says:

      your phone will stay connected to the local cell provider that T-Mobile has roaming agreement with. I think I saw Orange and another provider that I dont remember.

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