Philips Sonicare Healthy White Platinum from Costco

I have long been wanting to get a power brush like Sonicare or Oral-B every time I walk by those aisle in Costco. Last week when I went to Costco, I saw the deal for Sonicare Platinum edition for $120.00 for two brushes. $60 per brush. There is a premium edition too for $40 per brush. I called up cousin who is a dentist and she has recommended to go for platinum. So I went for it.

After my first use, I felt so clean and nice inside my mouth. I would warn you to be gentle on your gum though, otherwise your gums might recede. I tried the Clean and White mode but it felt too intensive. Coming to think of it, I could have got Premium edition as well. Its your choice.

It has a 2 minute timer, it shuts off automatically after 2 minutes of running time so that you know that you have to keep brushing until the doctor recommended 2 minutes of brushing is complete. But it feels very clean and nice.

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