Nike Air MAX+ 2009 2010 shoe, warranty and returns

I was using regular formal shoes and noticed pain on my heels. My primary care doctor said I should try using good shoes with cushion. So I started using my Reebok running shoes as my regular shoes. After some time they got bad and needed to be replaced.

I wanted shoes that would work for brisk walk and occasional running as well and have good cushioning. I went to the local mall and tried different shoes from various brands like ACIS, Reebok and Nike. Finnally I narrowed to two shoes. Nike Air Max+ 2009 or Nike Lunar Glide. The store let me wear the shoes for some time and I made my choice ‘Nike Air Max+ 2009′. It has very good cushioning and felt good. Its as if I was walking on a sponge. It raised my height and needed getting used to it


It was working very good. The only issue with it was that when walking on concrete near swimming pool areas I felt it didn’t have enough grip and I had to walk carefully otherwise I felt I might slip.

I was very happy with the shoe. I could go anywhere and do any anything. Six months has passed. One fine morning I noticed the front fabric was getting torn apart at the folds on my left shoe. I was disappointed. After spending so much money, the shoe fabric is getting torn in the front. Then I remembered the store rep telling Nike has warranty on shoesl

I called the local store and they said, after 30 days, I have to call Nike for warranty. So I called Nike customer service. The experience was very good. Got connected to the service person in less than a minute. I explained the situation. They wanted to know what my style number is for my shoes. Surprisingly the tag in the shoes is gone. So they told me to ship the shoes and they figure out the model and style of the shoes and if the damage is covered under warranty they will send me a voucher to buy new shoes. Luckily I found the original shoe box and mailed it to the Nike address with a RMA number. With in ten business days I received a reply saying the claim has been approved and included a coupon code for full cost of the shoes and I could only use it in for shoe purchase. They also sent me free shipping coupon code as well. I used it and got new shoes.




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  1. Christina Pitts says:

    I also had a pair of AirMax 2009 shoes and the fabric tore away from the toe of the shoe. They were never abused or otherwise damaged. I owned the shoes for a little over a year so the warranty is still in effect however I’ve sent the shoes in twice and had them denied twice. They claim there is no defect in materials or workmanship. So apparently these shoes are designed to fall apart in 6 months to 1 year. At $150 for a pair of shoes, I would expect more from customer service. At least stand behind an obviously faulty product!

  2. Bernie says:

    Unfortunately, I find myself in the same position with the shoe cushioning problem. Iv’e had my pair for 8 months now. Bought my Nike Air 2009 at a retail store. I am a consistent 5mile runner, lift weights 5 times a week. The shoes should be made to withstand normal wear and tear, especially if geared towards athletes.
    Anyways, I am going to make my first attempt at the retail, and if that does not work. Then I will have to try

    I will keep you posted on my outcome.

  3. Debbie says:

    I have the nike air max 2012. They are comfortable but didn’t expect the shoe to wear and tear in front causing air bubbles to break. I’m on my feet all day and expected a better shoe for 180 bucks and I don’t have original box or receipt to mai back

    • admin says:

      Hi Debbie, thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to comment on it. I would recommend you to call Nike customer support and talk to them about your problem. They will ask all the questions about your problem, where you got it from etc. Be prepared and Nike customer support is very nice and pleasant. You don’t need to have your original box. Every shoe has a tag inside it and they would be able to figure out the make and model and all info for them to recognize. I did the same, in fact I didn’t have the box or the shoe tag inside my shoe, the tag fell off after some time. I Just placed them in some other shoe box and sent it off. If you have the receipt, then send it too. Be sure to get the RMA# or a tracking number from Nike and label the box with it and also place another piece of paper containing the tracking number inside the box too. Good luck.

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