Nexus 5 released, Are you buying ?

Just heard the news that Google released their new android version and also release Nexus 5.

I currently own Nexus 4 and use it on AT&T on their 4G like HSPA+ service. The data plan is sluggish and sometimes it does not lock into their data network. I constantly would have to go airplane mode and come back so that it locks into the new cell towers. Overall the Nexus 5 experience on AT&T hasn’t been that good.

The one thing that interests me in the Nexus 5 is the Optical Image Stabilization and Automatic HDR+ photo capture and their LTE network support on AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint.

I might wait for few more days and decide if I wanted to jump in or not.

I recently wrote another post that I might plan to switch to T-mobile from AT&T and take advantage of their un-carrier pricing.

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