Nexus 4 real world usage and battery life

Use Power Control Widget

To get fast access to settings to turn on/off some of the most commonly used options, Nexus 4 comes with Power Control Widget. Simply touch on the wifi or bluetooth or gps to turn on or off. The sync button to sync your accounts and display brightness to change the brightness of the screen. See my home screen below
Home ScreenGo to Apps and Widgets screen by clicking on the circle with six dots in the bottom row icons, then click on the widgets tab and scroll through the pages and find the Power Control and keep it pressed to place it on the home screen.

Display Brightness

I always set the brightness of the screen to the lowest level to save my battery. When you are in-doors, its sufficient at the lowest level. But at times you may need to change the brightness, because you have the power control widget on the home screen its easy to change or toggle between different brightness levels very fast. Simple touch last icon on the power control to set the brightness of the screen that suits your needs and once you are done, you can toggle back to the lowest setting.

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