Nexus 4 real world usage and battery life

I use my Nexus 4 as regular phone for voice calls and some times check traffic, check emails. I log screen time of around three hrs in an entire day with around 1-2 hrs of phone calls, WhatsApp for messaging, Auto sync my gmail email, contacts, and use GPS for navigation.

When the gadget is new, you tend to use it more and play with it more. After playing with it over two weeks, I realized that the following items are consuming lot of battery.

  1. Google’s Location aware apps (Google Now)
  2. Screen
  3. Google Play Music Sync with Media Server app
  4. Location reporting from the phone ( Maps & Latitude )
  5. Live Wall Pappers

One of the most important feature of Jelly Bean is Google NOW feature, which continuously accesses your phone location, keeps updating its cards for you so that its ready for you rather than you having to search or ask for it. Because it keeps showing you the cards, you tend to see it and that consumes the battery life for Screen as well.

If you are a busy person like me on the week days, I won’t be needing the Google NOW features while I’m at work or while at home. But I can always turn it on when i need it.

So turning them off by default and only using them when needed tends to save the battery a lot. For me I get through the whole day (15+ hrs) and I still have 10% battery left before going to bed.

Battery at 10%

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