Nexus 4 real world usage and battery life

Its been two weeks that I have been using Google Nexus 4 phone and I’m very happy with almost everything about it.

First things I liked about it is, its user interface is very fast and very smooth. I come from Samsung Captivate and so its world of difference for me. One of the important aspect that I liked very much is transition flow back n forth between applications. For example, you open an email, you find something interesting and you click on it which in turn opens the chrome browser and now you press the back button it will go back to your email.

I plan to buy a case from Speck PixelSkin HD when the release it, and also Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector. For now I got skin case from ebay for 2.5 bucks and its ok for the time being.

I used Samsung Captivate for almost 18 months and got accustomed to its touch wiz interface and I often expect my nexus 4 to work in the same way and only to realize that it does not work that way.

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