My 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid buying experience and real world mpg

My 97 Civic was getting old and I was becoming uncomfortable driving in the highway. So I started shopping for new car. I did think about buying used car or buy a car in the auction.

After few weeks of on and off research, I decided to buy a hybrid. I didn’t want to buy a prius or those smaller car hybrids. So that narrowed the search to Camry Hybrid or Altima Hybrid or Sonata Hybrid. My focus was for mileage and cost.

Altima Hybrid wasn’t popular in the market as its highly priced. Sonata Hybrid was not available in the market yet but the initial reviews from the Wayne (the famous hyper miler) were promising. This was back in Dec’10.

I was really looking forward for the Sonata Hybrid but its release was being pushed out and no one really knows when its going to be available. Sonata dealers were encouraging me to buy the regular Sonata. So it was clear, its going to be Camry Hybrid. Initially I was skeptical whether to go for Toyota because of the recent bad press.

After some research I found the one I needed at Dar Cars Toyota, negotiated it online and went there to pickup and my car and the paper work was ready. My buying experience at DarCars is very smooth.

That is the best thing I did. I was very pleased with the mileage. On average I was cloaking 42mpg in the DC traffic. On the highway (I95/I85) I was averaging 41 mpg with out cruise control and 38.5mpg with cruise control.

Having right inflation in the tires depending on the road conditions is the key. Less rolling friction means more mobility and that means more mileage. Knowing the roads, the up and down hill is very important and knowing when to give more gas or coast, and looking ahead and see the traffic or red light ahead will let you know there is no point in giving gas, just coasting is sufficient.

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  1. admin says:

    Coming up 2 years now and I still get 42 mpg.

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