IPhone lost internet, data and mms on Straight Talk

Yesterday, when I stepped out of house, I realized that one of my phones, iphone 4s lost internet connection and I could still make and receive calls. I had full 4 bars and it does say 4G network. My iphone 4s was from AT&T and still at iOS 6.

I went to “My Account” on Straight Talk website and ensured that my account is still valid. I’m on un-limited talk $45 plan.

I went to straighttalk.com and ensured that the APN settings are correct but still not getting internet. Tried rebooting the iphone multiple times and no change.


So I had to call Straight Talk customer support. They mentioned they changed the APN settings and that manually setting the APN settings is not going to work on iphone. They wanted me to upgrade to iOS 7. But I told them I do not want to upgrade my iphone 4s to iOS 7 as it would slow iphone.

So they made me do the following

1. Turn off WiFi on iphone.

2. Ensure that I still have bars for the signal.

3. Open Safari browser and

4. Go to iapnupdatetfdata.straightalk.com and install a StraightTalk profile which is signed certificate. And go back into general and then to home screen.

5. After that I rebooted the iphone and data started working.


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