I moved my hosting to GoDaddy from Dreamhost

I was paying $120 per year at Dreamhost. I was nearing the near annual plan and was trying to explore my options and I found GoDaddy was offering 50% off for all their plans and so I locked in for 3 years.

Moving the site to GoDaddy was a challenge. I’m not well versed in blogging and so didn’t plan properly. I should have installed the updraft plus plugin first before switching the hosting. I was glad that I took tar of the entire directory. But it was pain.

Also another pain I faced was that some of the plugins are not available and some of them are no longer free.

It took some effort to find their replacements and get the site working on GoDaddy. Next time I will be more careful. I would suggest using a backup and restore plugin and also take full directory backup.

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