I installed Honeywell RTH7600D Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat

For a while I was meaning to install a programmable thermostat and never got around to do it. Yesterday I replaced both the thermostat. For a while I was searching through different brands and makes and I narrowed to Honeywell.

Before searching for a thermostat, you have to know what kind of Heating and cooling systems you have. For me I have Heat pump with a emergency heat. Honeywell is the best and it supports almost all kinds of systems and options and I went with Honeywell RTH7600D touch screen model and got it from amazon.com.

You might ask why did I go with the high end model with touch screen and why I didn’t go with z-wave compatible or Wi-Fi models. I personally wanted to go with the z-wave models and that required investment into z-wave controller and etc and it could have complicated the usage for the family.

Installation was quite easy. I just followed the instructions from the guide and I was done in few mins. Followed the programming guide and its ready in few mins.

RTH7600D comes pre-programmed with energy star settings for temperatures for wake-up  leave, return and sleep settings which was awesome. I just it tweaked it to my needs and it was easy as a cake.

RTH7600D  comes with the support for Heatpumps too and it support many modes. If you are looking then certainly I would recommend reading the install guide and see what it supports and check if your wiring and if your wiring is complex then you might need to use a qualified licensed contractor. But looking at the dept of options and modes it support Honeywell did a very good job of supporting most types of systems.

We are in the middle of the winter season I will see how the bills change.


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