How to Import Contacts to Samsung Captivate

I recently got Samsung Captivate and wanted to import all my contacts from my old phone to this phone. Following are some of the ways you could do it.

vCards Method

  1. From your old phone export all of your contacts as vCards files on your pc using your the software provided by your old phone manufacturer
  2. Install USB drivers and Samsung Kies from Samsung Support site
  3. Connect Samsung Captivate to your pc and select Mass Storage mode on your phone
  4. Insert microSD card into Samsung Captivate if it does not have it
  5. Copy all the vCards files on to the microSD card of Samsung Captivate phone
  6. Open Contacts on Samsung Captivate and then
  7. touch Menu –> more –> Import/Export –> Import from SD card –> Phone –> Import all vCard files

Now all the contacts should be loaded in to Samsung Captivate.

CSV Method / Gmail Method


  1. Go to Contacts in your Gmail account
  2. Click on More Actions –> Import Contacts –> Select CSV file or vCard file
  3. On your Samsung Captivate install touch menu button –> Settings –> Account and Sync
  4. Under Manage Accounts Click on your gmail account make sure that Sync Contacts is checked
  5. Go back and click on the sync button next to your gmail account

SIM Method

  1. On your old phone you copy all the contacts to SIM
  2. Now take the SIM out of your old phone and inser it to your new phone
  3. On Captivate, open Contacts, press Menu –> more –> SIM Management –> Copy Contacts from SIM

This Method has some drawbacks. When you copy contacts to SIM, it only copies just one phone # and does not copy multiple phone #s or other contact information like email or address etc.


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  1. Thanks so much for your tips! They were very helpful!!!

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