How To Backup Samsung Mythic or Impression Contacts to PC

Recently I made the switch from Samsung Mythic AT&T Phone to Samsung Captivate.  So I needed to export all my contacts from Samsung Mythic to PC. The solution below worked for my another phone Samsung Impression.

So first I went to Samsung support website and download all the drivers and software for Samsung Mythic. Launched New PC Studio ver. and found that it does not have Contact management software.


I searched in the internet and some folks have mentioned that they were able to export the contacts and had no problem. It lead me to believe that may be older version of this software might have support for contact management or a phonebook application.

I searched in Google for older versions of Samsung New PC Studio. I found some references NPS Build IH3. I didn’t want to download software from non trusted places for the fear of spywares or trogans.

I kept searching for the older version of Samsung New PC Studio and I found one reference to Samsung_NPS_For_Mythic_Build_IH3 but I didn’t want to download it from there either.

Usually support websites do keep older files on the servers and so I just need form an URL to download and hoped for the best. So I went back to Samsung Mythic support page and looked at the URL for the current version of the Samsung New PC Studio from the web page source and found the javascript action to download New_PC_Studio_1.5.1.10064_2.exe

I copied the URL and changed the filename to download Samsung_NPS_For_Mythic_Build_IH3.exe

Viola! The file got downloaded. I un-installed the New PC Studio that I had previously installed and then I installed Samsung_NPS_For_Mythic_Build_IH3.exe. Started the New PC Studio and clicked on the Toolbox icon and I see the Phonebook application.


Steps to connect my Samsung Mythic device to my laptop and backup the contacts

  1. Enable Bluetooth on Samsung Mythic, Place it in visible mode
  2. Go to the home screen on Samsung Mythic (i.e exit from all apps and go to phone home screen)
  3. On your Windows laptop(turn on bluetooth), go to Devices and Printers in the Control Panel
  4. Add a Device, or Add a Bluetooth Device
  5. follow the wizard and pair the Samsung Mythic phone with your Windows laptop
  6. On Samsung New PC Studio, Click on Search a Device and connect Samsung Mythic or SGH-A897
  7. On Samsung New PC Studio, Click on the toolbox icon on the bottom. Inside the toolbox you will see Phonebook application, Click on the sync button on the right bottom
  8. And follow prompts.
  9. Now it will import all the contacts from Samsung Mythic to PC
  10. Now on the Phone book window, Click on Menu Export to PC and follow the prompts to dump all the contacts as multiple vcards.

You are done!

Dumping all the contacts as vcards is the best way because all recent mobile OS softwares like iOS and Android support import of vCards.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Thank you sooooooooooo much! Worked flawlessly! MY Samsung IMpression recently stopped working correctly, so my friend is sending me a Blackberry Torch as a replacement phone, only 200 contacts fit on my sim card, but i have 400 contacts in total, i can’t copy them down one by one, but this article helped me export all of them to my labtop thank you so much.


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