How I stayed away from Sinus infections for more than two years

From my childhood onwards I’m prone to sinus infections. I even had a sinus surgery when I was 20. From then onwards every year I I go through four to five anti-biotic courses. I have been through all kinds of anti-biotics. After sometime my doctor used to alternate different sequences of anti-biotics.

Over time I had also developed allergy to pollen. So I started using Flonase and Allegra. I was getting sick of taking anti-biotics and I also went to ENT specialist. The ENT specialist was lobbying me to go for sinus surgery to enlarge the nasal paths and it was up to me to decide. I looked at my X-Ray and asked him to show what areas are going to be cleaned and enlarged with surgery.

Its been a long time and so I don’t remember at what stage I went for my previous surgery. So with the information I had, I searched in the internet for X-Rays and at what stage people went for surgery. After looking through some pictures and videos, I came to the conclusion that my situation is not at that level that warrants a surgery.

On one occasion I had a sinus infection and went to see a different doctor as I could not get an appointment with my primary care doctor. So I explained my situation and that I’m prone to sinus infections. She gave me anti-biotics and recommended me to try neti-pot. WebMD has a nice article about neti pot. I searched in you tube to find out how to use it. Here is a nice video¬†on how to use neti pot. The video uses tap water with salt but I recommend filtered warm water and salt.

After using neti pot when my nasal passages are blocked, it relived my sinus pressure. I also added gargling with salt water which relived from throat irritation. I also tried to clean and free up my noses during hot baths. Slowly my symptoms improved and got away from the infection. The basic premis is that when phlem builds up in the nose (due to allergies) and nasal paths it needs to be flushed out, otherwise it becomes breading ground for bacteria and in turn leads to sinus infection.

Its been two years and I have been sinus infection free. So the trick is to either to use neti pot every day just like you brush your teeth every day. I use neti pot on the onset of the symptoms.

It may take couple of tries to master the neti pot usage. A doctor came up with Nasopure. Here is the you tube video explaining how to use Nasopure.


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  1. Bala says:

    I knew last year itself that mvr used this treatment and got the desired results. I mentiond the same to a friend who was suffering from sinus problems. Got a response later from that friend that it worked very well for them too.

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