Google Project Fi, port your number after trying it

You may have heard that Google became cell phone service provider like straight talk.

Google uses bandwidth from T-Mobile and Sprint and your cell phone would automatically switch between Wi-Fi, T-Mobile and Sprint depending on your coverage location and etc. It is heard it will try to use Wi-Fi first and then T-Mobile and then Sprint as a last resort.

Recently I received an invite for Project Fi. I was hesitant to use it for the following reasons

  1. There are no option for family plan. If you are on a family plan, then you are out of options
  2. You have to get a new phone from Google. Phone choices are limited.
  3. Not sure how the service is going to be ? like switching between Wi-Fi and Cell. I was not that happy when I was with T-Mobile. The call gets dropped most of time during hand off.

With this in mind, I was sure to go ahead and experiment with it.

But you need to ask, like Google itself ?

I had a chat with Project Fi representative and found the following points.

  1. You can try the Project Fi service first for few days and if you have happy, then you can initiate the number porting. All give them the call.
  2. Family plans is one of the popular requested feature and is in the works
  3. More supported and cheaper phones is also being requested more and is in the works.
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