Get running with Couch to 5K podcast

Mid last year I set out to run 5k.

After some research I stumbled upon the podcast from NHS Choices. The Get Running with Couch to 5k is excellent. It is like having a personal trainer telling you each step of the way,  prompting you every second, every minute what to do and helps you and also offers tips along the way.

For example, it begins with a 5 minute warming walk and tells you to walk to warm up your body. During that 5 mins, you get music in the podcast. Once the 5 mins is up and Laura in the podcast now tells you to run for 90 seconds and so for the next 90 seconds you get music.


Once the 90 seconds is up, Laura will prompt you to slow down and do a normal walk to do a warm up walk again for 90 seconds. So on so forth you get the idea.

Right now I’m on week 5 program and I can now run for 16 mins. This program is 9 weeks program. If you follow the program and Laura will get you running for a good 30 mins to run a 5k race.

Last year I did participate in a 5k run in Fairfax, VA and I finished barely under 50 mins. This year by spring I plan to train and finish the 9 week program and start participating in 5k races.

I run to get myself active and keep my family active.

I load the podcast on my iphone and keep going. You run 3 times a week for 9 weeks to get ready. But in reality with betweek work and family life and responsibilities it will take longer.

You need good running shoes with good cushion. Make sure you are getting correct shoes that are fit for your feet, Otherwise you get pains in the heel or knees or sheens etc.

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