Garmin nuvi 2350LMT GPS Auto re-route based on traffic is very good

Recently I took a new job at DC. I was using my Samsung Captivate as my GPS. That was working fine but as you all know how the DC traffic is. Once I was literally sitting on 495 for 90 mins and it took 3 hrs to get home.

So I was looking at the recent enhancements in the GPS arena that auto re-route based on traffic. I was skeptical on how well they work.

After researching Garmin or Tom Tom, I went with Garmin nuvi 2350LMT as I’m more familiar with the Garmin user interface. Amazon had the lowest price at the time.


Auto re-routing based on traffic is not enabled by default. After enabling it, I got the first glimpse of it. I was on I495, GPS detected traffic 7 miles ahead, it said “severe traffic ahead re-routing” and prompted me to exit the beltway and took me in to an alternate roads skipped the traffic. There was an accident on 495 at exit 27 that backed up the traffic all the way up to exit 21.

Earlier models of Garmin, I read comments that there were lot of ads and it was obstructing the map view. But this nuvi model 2350LMT does not show ads during navigation at all. It shows ads once you switch it on before you enter the destination address.

On an average it is few mins behind the traffic news. If there is a prolonged traffic backed up then this is very useful.


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  1. admin says:

    After few weeks of using the Auto Re-route, Its more beneficial to listen to it for re-route when there is an accident in your route or if there is a severe traffic jam. For smaller slow downs you may just stay on course, pay attention to the traffic news on the radio.

  2. Norm Lamarra says:

    Just bought a nuvi 2595LMT to replace my old Tom-Tom (which had great auto re-routing notifications when traffic builds up and presented an alternative route that would be X minutes shorter). On the new Garmin, when the green traffic icon goes red, clicking this icon shows how long the upcoming traffic delay is, but doesn’t provide an alternate). However, if I get off that route, it immediately re-calculates and shows a much faster route — so I don’t understand why it doesn’t automatically prompt me to take an alternative route. Perhaps there’s a hidden setting that has such auto-suggestion turned off, but I can’t see one…

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