Cold, Cough and Salt

We have seen recently that FDA announced ban on cold medicines for children. So what do we do ? How do we relieve from cold symptoms. We started using salt water. That means drop few drops of warm salt water in each nostril just after coming out of hot water bath. If done frequently you will be relieved from cold symptoms and will feel like cold is gone lot faster.

Why salt water ?

Due to cold virus we get nose block and that could be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and create other problems like sinus infections. Salt is known to kill bacteria. Salt is one of the most important and common used item in preservatives. When salt is around bacteria is not around. So when warm salt water is put in each nostril, it will try to drain the fluids and bacteria from the nose.

The reason why after hot bath ? when we bath with hot water our body temperature rises and that makes it sneezing easier and flushes our nose and frees it. The nose stays block free for few minutes. So as soon as you come out of bath, put few drops of warm salt water in each nostril. You can do this by laying flat on the floor or bed. You can make your own salt water using filtered water. Just add little salt to filtered warm water. It should taste like eye drops and use a dropper or you buy saline water from walmart like “little noses saline drops” or its equate brand

At first its difficult for kids ages 3-5yrs. It will be a struggle to do it. But after few times they get used to it

We also use warm salt water for relieving cough symptoms too. Just gargle warm salt water few times when you have itchy throat or if your cough is in early stages. Best time to gargle is before going to bed or any time after food.

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