Buying new or used smartphones on swappa or ebay or craigslist ?

Are you planning to buy new smartphones or used smartphones on the internet or craigslist or ebay or swappa ? Beaware there is lot of fraud happening these days.

Sellers often sell their new phones. Swappa does a good job of verifying the phone’s ESN and makes sure thats its on etc. But after couple of months your phone might get black listed by the carrier. How ? What happened ? Why ?

Often what the sellers do is they take insurance on the smartphone before selling them and wait for few months and then claim that the phone is lost and makes the claim. The insurance company will in turn inform the Cell phone carrier that its lost and request the ESM/IMEI number to be placed in the blacklist. And suddenly your phone is dead.

The problem here is that neither the carrier nor the insurance company has no knowledge of the buyer.

Paypal will not be able to do anything after few months.

So when you are buying, ensure that you are buying from a company or a business and not an individual. Individuals could sell and disappear. Businesses have a lot riding on them and may not do fraud..

Overall what I meant to say is there is lot risk in buying used phones. I recommend buy from someone you know. Just like how you check the review of an online site etc and their return policy, there is more risk on buying phones in ebay, swappa or craigslist because there is no way to know if the phone is insured and no way to register the new owner.

Swappa will verify before you purchase the phone, after the grace period in paypal is over, if the seller says its lost and claims replacement, swappa will not do anything and so is paypal because by that time 2 or 3 months have already past.

I know there are lot of people who buy and sell phones on swappa or ebay, you should be aware that there is risk in buying from someone unknown because of the blacklisting by the insurance company and the carrier. AT&T and T-mobile have a common database for blacklisting so you wont be able to use them here in USA. I heard there is a huge market for blacklisted phones in the Asian market.

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