Buying Abercrombie & Fitch shirts in Clearance ? Think again

Recently I was browsing through and a colleague has mentioned that Abercrombie & Fitch has sale in the clearance on their website.

So I went in and looked for my size. They only had small/medium/large only. So I was skeptical about the sizes and but ordered three shirts anyway. In a weeks time, the shirts arrived and tried them on. The hands were very long and looked ugly when put on. I know, who orders shirts online with out trying ? :)

I talked with my friends and they all had similar experiences where faulty shirts were sold in clearance. So its not just outlet stores that sell faulty clothes but also sells problem shirts too. So I returned them.

The return process is made very simple. The bill itself has a return smart shipping label, just stick it on the box and drop it at the USPS. You don’t even have to call them for returns

This is the first time I purchased shirts from online, So I shall be careful from now onwards.


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