Be aware, AT&T will not pro-rate your final bill when you leave them

Continuing from my previous post about switching from AT&T to T-Mobile, I finally made the switch when I was planning to travel international. T-Mobile has free international text and data and very cheap calls.

So I made the switch to T-Mobile in the middle of the billing cycle. I thought AT&T would pro-rate your bill.

AT&T always bills one month ahead. When the final bill came, AT&T did not pro-rate. Even though when you call ahead before cancelling, they tell you that they will pro-rate on the phone but when the final bill comes, you won’t get the partial refund.

I tried calling AT&T customer service many times and also spoke with the supervisor at AT&T Customer Service but they said its their policy of not pro-rating the final bill.

It seems this practice of not pro-rating is prevalent among all the big 4 wireless companies.

I have filed a complaint with BBB mentioning un-fair billing practices. Immediately AT&T person from corporate called me back and they said the same and will not pro-rate the final bill.

So do not take their customer service word. Plan to cancel towards the end of the cycle.

I plan to file a complaint with FTC for un-fair billing practices.

Overall I’m happy that I moved out of AT&T and the potentials savings I’m receiving.

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