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Garmin nuvi 2350LMT GPS Auto re-route based on traffic is very good

Recently I took a new job at DC. I was using my Samsung Captivate as my GPS. That was working fine but as you all know how the DC traffic is. Once I was literally sitting on 495 for 90 … Continue reading

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Samsung Captivate Auto turn off WiFi when not at home

My Samsung Captivate Android phone keeps searching for WiFi when I’m not at home and keeps draining my battery. Some times the battery does not even last for the whole day. So I kept searching for app that would use … Continue reading

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How to Import Contacts to Samsung Captivate

I recently got Samsung Captivate and wanted to import all my contacts from my old phone to this phone. Following are some of the ways you could do it. vCards Method From your old phone export all of your contacts … Continue reading

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How To Backup Samsung Mythic or Impression Contacts to PC

Recently I made the switch from Samsung Mythic AT&T Phone to Samsung Captivate.  So I needed to export all my contacts from Samsung Mythic to PC. The solution below worked for my another phone Samsung Impression. So first I went … Continue reading

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FSA Dependent care Or Dependent Care Credit on your Tax return

Recently a friend called up and said he is going through Open Enrollment in November and not sure about his FSA usage for dependent care. His child is in kinder garden and may not use full day child care. He … Continue reading

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Energy Saving CFL and Household Light Bulbs on Sale in Carolinas

I go to BJs or Sams Club almost every two weeks. Usually I never go to the light bulbs section. I go to that aisle when I need to replace my light bulbs. Yesterday I went to that aisle and saw that all … Continue reading

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How I stayed away from Sinus infections for more than two years

From my childhood onwards I’m prone to sinus infections. I even had a sinus surgery when I was 20. From then onwards every year I I go through four to five anti-biotic courses. I have been through all kinds of … Continue reading

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Tried to convert old Dell Dimension 4600 to HTPC

With the success I had to in converting my two year old desktop into HTPC, I set out on a mission to convert an old Dell Dimension 4600 into a HTPC for my brother-in-law. It just needed an graphics card … Continue reading

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Cold, Cough and Salt

We have seen recently that FDA announced ban on cold medicines for children. So what do we do ? How do we relieve from cold symptoms. We started using salt water. That means drop few drops of warm salt water … Continue reading

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How I cut the cord for cable TV and went with HTPC

Recently I got a mail from Dish Network saying they are increasing my international channel price and its effective from last month itself. I was getting tired of bills increasing every now and then and this mail. This is it. … Continue reading

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