American Coradius International LLC Paypal Credit Account Letter

Recently my wife received a letter from American Coradius International LLC regarding a Paypal Credit account that she never had.

So I called the phone number on the letter and they would not give any details unless we provided the date of birth and last four digits of social. I didn’t want to give this info and they don’t want to give any more details and so I ended the call after mentioning that she never had a paypal account or a paypal credit account.

The letter said that I have to reply in writing to dispute it and if they don’t receive any response they will automatically assume that this debt is valid. So they force you to respond in writing.

I tried to call Paypal general customer service 1-888-221-1161 and after waiting for 30 mins to speak to an agent I gave up. That was on a friday.

Again I tried to call Paypal on Monday, and after waiting for 30 mins or so, I got an human. I explained the situation and she transferred me to  paypal collections dept : 877-380-6578. Again after telling a whole story, they transferred me to paypal credit card account : 888-334-6210.

Here the lady asked for all the details ( I had to give the full social, I guess I had to trust Paypal instead of someone that sent a letter). She concluded that someone used my wife’s name and a different social to open an account and marked it that we are not liable.

I asked her about this letter, she said we should call them and let me them know that someone used my name and wrong social. So I asked her is this company legit that is trying to collect Paypal debt. She said American Coradius is the collection company they work with and its safe share personal info with them.

She gave their number 800-213-7163 to call (The letter had a different number 855-224-5193). I called them and in two mins they cancelled the notice that was sent to us and done. At the end she mentioned, as per their investigation this is already marked as fraud and we have been disassociated from this debt.

Going to what happened, how could Paypal open a credit account when the social and address didn’t match ?

I have included the Paypal direct phone numbers so that its easy for anyone looking to resolve similar situations without having to wait in the line.


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