Activating Nexus 4 on AT&T

Finally, my nexus 4 got delivered. I have been reading in lot of forums on what people have done etc to get it up and running on AT&T network. The following below worked for me.

  1. Backup your contacts on your old phone. I’m upgrading from Samsung Captivate. Sync all your contacts etc to your google account.
  2. Power up your Nexus 4, follow all the prompts (setup gmail a/c) and setup your WiFI and perform a system update. Don’t install any app yet.
  3. Nexus 4 IMEI number is not recognized by AT&T, you have to find an IMEI # from an AT&T branded 4G smartphone like HTC Inspired 4G. I had a friend who has HTC Inspire 4G and had him send it to me.
  4. Go to an AT&T owned store (not an franchise) and ask for your Nexus 4 to be activated and that you need a micro-SIM and use the IMEI # from HTC Inspire 4G. Using the IMEI # of HTC Inspire 4G puts your line in the right HSPA+ 4G smartphone data plan. If they do it right, it should show as “Smartphone 4G” for your data plan in your AT&T web account.
  5. Your Nexus 4 APN settings needs to be setup with HSPA+ network of AT&T, because the default uses WAP.Cingular or so. Goto your phone settings and create a new APN as below.

  • 1. Go to Settings menu.
  • 2. Under wireless network settings, click on More
  • 3. Click on Mobile networks
  • 4. Click on Access Point Names
  • 5. Click on menu option ( those vertical dots ) on the right corner.
  • 6. Setup the settings as below




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  1. AT&T customer says:

    #3 step is absolutely critical for smooth data operations

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