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Be aware, AT&T will not pro-rate your final bill when you leave them

Continuing from my previous post about switching from AT&T to T-Mobile, I finally made the switch when I was planning to travel international. T-Mobile has free international text and data and very cheap calls. So I made the switch to … Continue reading

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T-Mobile International Roaming is awesome and a revolutionary change

One of the important aspects that you keep in mind during the international travel is trying to stay connected with your family and friends. I used to dread during my international travel. And T-Mobile with their new found un-carrier behavior … Continue reading

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Switching from AT&T to T-Mobile ? and then on Straight Talk ?

Event though my contract with AT&T was up, I stayed on as I liked the service and never had any major issues. Recently T-Mobile made waves in the wireless world with their un-carrier approach. With AT&T I was paying almost … Continue reading

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