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How I stayed away from Sinus infections for more than two years

From my childhood onwards I’m prone to sinus infections. I even had a sinus surgery when I was 20. From then onwards every year I I go through four to five anti-biotic courses. I have been through all kinds of … Continue reading

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Tried to convert old Dell Dimension 4600 to HTPC

With the success I had to in converting my two year old desktop into HTPC, I set out on a mission to convert an old Dell Dimension 4600 into a HTPC for my brother-in-law. It just needed an graphics card … Continue reading

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Cold, Cough and Salt

We have seen recently that FDA announced ban on cold medicines for children. So what do we do ? How do we relieve from cold symptoms. We started using salt water. That means drop few drops of warm salt water … Continue reading

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How I cut the cord for cable TV and went with HTPC

Recently I got a mail from Dish Network saying they are increasing my international channel price and its effective from last month itself. I was getting tired of bills increasing every now and then and this mail. This is it. … Continue reading

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Nike Air MAX+ 2009 2010 shoe, warranty and returns

I was using regular formal shoes and noticed pain on my heels. My primary care doctor said I should try using good shoes with cushion. So I started using my Reebok running shoes as my regular shoes. After some time … Continue reading

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