2004 Honda Odyssey IAC Value issue check engine light

Recently my 2004 Honda Odyssey (95k miles) sounding weird  idling with high rpm and giving jerks etc. This Wednesday, it showed check engine light and I had to take it to the dealer.

After initial diagnosis, the Service adviser came back and said,  the IAC value is getting worn out and needs to be replaced. The part costs 255.00 and 1.5hrs of labor to replace it.

I quickly looked it out and the Honda parts stores are selling them for 155.00 plus shipping. Few people have mentioned that it does not need to be replaced, simply cleaning the carbon build up should be fine and others have gone DIY and either cleaned it or replaced it themselves.

In total the dealer was asking for 475 to replace it and I thought if I walk away I would have to pay the diagnostic fee of 125 and then go to someone else and start again. So I stick’ed with the dealer and got it done and the final bill came to 421 including 10%.

While the work is being done, I was thinking, this year alone I spent $1200 on the van and thinking if I should sell it and take another car payment or keep using it. Considering the engine and transmission is good (the adviser thinks) they are in good shape, I should keep. Only time will tell.


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